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73 State Street

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73 State Street
Brockport, N.Y. 

History written by Carol L. Hannan, March 2014 
Photo Credit and Produced by Pamela Ketchum
© Copyright by Carol L. Hannan – March 2014. All rights reserved.

Ray Prentiss and Ethel M. Bonnell Davis 
Owners/builders: about 1915 to 1959 

Ray P. and Ethel Davis moved into the newly built house at what was then number 69 State Street shortly after their marriage. It was their first and only home. Both Brockport natives and literally almost neighbors while growing up, Ethel and Ray lived on Park Avenue, just around the corner and down the street from this house. Ray was the son of long-time village grocer John R. Davis and his wife, Mary J. Scanlon. Ray was their only child, a son who followed in his father’s vocational footsteps. Ethel was the daughter of farm laborer Frank Bonnell and his wife Sarah. His youngest child lived at home and worked as a clerk in a dry goods store before her marriage. Ethel and Ray had no children but that didn’t mean they lived alone. She cared for her father in her home, where he passed away in 1931. Ray was perhaps not as involved in village affairs as his father, but he served on a Y. W. C. A. war work committee in 1917. He continued to run his family’s grocery business his entire life.

Ethel and Ray are buried in the Davis family plot located in the Brockport Cemetery. The Bonnell family members are also buried there: father Frank, wife Sarah and their son, Fred. 

Donald M. Hare and wife 
Owners: 1960 to unknown 

Following the death of Ray Davis in 1959, the home was sold to the Donald Hare family. Donald was the son of English immigrants Cyril and Gertrude Hare. He is briefly mentioned here because of his very significant contributions to Brockport over a lifetime dedicated to law enforcement. Donald M. Hare, army veteran, avid trumpet player and graduate of Brockport High School, the New York State Police School and F. B. I. Academy, he was the face of Brockport law enforcement for many years. Appointed Chief of the department at the very young age of 24, he served in the department for over three decades. The Brockport Police Department offices were dedicated to his memory and in tribute of his exemplary service in 2001. 

Epilogue 2014 

This is a “newer” home on one of our older village streets. 73 State Street has been carefully maintained and its original wooden clapboards are now painted in soft, complimentary tones of green. The lot was originally part of the property to the west, at 69 State Street and was divided from that property shortly after the turn of the century. It remains a single family home with a largely unchanged façade, as opposed to many of the neighboring homes, which have changed considerably over time.

© Copyright by Carol L. Hannan - March 2014. All rights reserved.