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24 Park Avenue

24 Park Avenue

24 Park Avenue
Brockport, NY 

History researched and written by Carol L. Hannan
© Copyright by Carol L. Hannan – January 2013 All rights reserved

Arthur Burton “A. B.” and 
Wilhelmina “Minnie” Kelsoe Elwell
Owners/builders (?): between 1915/1918 to 1940+

There remain on Park Avenue, many homes built early in Brockport’s history. This house is not one of them. It was constructed not too long after the turn of the twentieth century on a lot “carved out” from the back yard of the home at the corner of Park Avenue and State Street, 57 State Street. 

Whether “A. B.” and his wife Minnie had the home built or whether they bought it as new construction is unknown. By 1918, they resided here with their three children, according to the local rural directory, which identified the house as number 6 Park Avenue. 

Arthur Burton Elwell was a native of Brockport, the son of George and “Georgie” Elwell, who also lived on Park Avenue. Included in the 1918 directory was the occupation of both father and son. They were commercial painters, and although A. B. made his living as a house painter his entire life, he had another abiding interest which will continue to impact Brockport forever. “Minnie” Kelso Elwell was a Hamlin, N. Y. native of German origin.

A.B. was a local historian and early amateur photographer. His articles, published as editorials between 1954 and 1956 in the Brockport-Republic, covered a variety of topics and were infused with his recollections of residents and times past. He also authored the “History of Brockport with Vicinity Happenings 1826 – 1956: Also Biographies of Prominent Men of the Past.” Thank you, A. B.

Minnie and A. B. had two daughters and a son, Merritt S. Elwell, who carried on the family tradition of interest in Brockport’s past. His collection of historic postcards was donated to the Seymour Library in Brockport and he worked at the local museum.

In 1942, Minnie died suddenly and unexpectedly of a stroke. She and A. B., who died in 1972, are buried in the Brockport Cemetery.

Epilogue 2013
This lovely old home is owned and occupied by direct relatives of the original owners. What are the odds? Now in its second century, this is literally a historic, single family home.

© Copyright by Carol L. Hannan - January 2013. All rights reserved.

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